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But like, do you even craft bruh?

But like do you? I am a total craft whore. Yeah, I admit it. I have a crafting problem. The thrill of searching for supplies, the little rush before you walk into Michael’s, laying out newspaper in case of paint, glue, or god forbid, glitter spills. Seeing your creation come to fruition . Every crafter right now knows what I’m talking about and probably has a crafting hard-on as we speak. People who don’t have a craft addiction are probably done reading this and moving on... but wait I may change your mind! Just hear me out.

All the pretty things

So this weekend, after a long break from crafting, I got back into it and I can’t fucking stop! My dear friend Erin had previously reminded me of the joys of crafting and proposed a new idea, a craft I have never tried, before. Ahhh the lure. This got the juices flowing and then all sorts of shit was coming to mind! The beast was unleashed, and I had to quench its thirst for glue, glitter and pom poms. I got on to Amazon, ordered the goods and waited eagerly for them to arrive.

Sunday I got down. Supplies had arrived, got everything set up and let me tell you what, I made the cutest shit ever! This is a simple craft that anyone can do!


Now these are merely suggestions. You can glue whatever the fuck you want to the bobby pins. In fact make a fucking pair with dicks on it for Janice’s Bachelorette or T-Rex ones! IDGAF! As long as you have fun with it and don’t be afraid to get funky.

From here it's pretty basic. Glue, stick on decoration, done. This is not a rocket science type craft. But it is methodical and relaxing. Seriously, grab a glass of wine, roll a blunt, chill and craft the afternoon away. Best. Sunday. Ever.

Now as you can see crafting is relaxing and fun for me. A place of zen if you will, where I can zone the fuck out. And that's really the point, to take the time each week to relax your mind, find that zen spot and chill .

So get out there find your craft! Find something that makes you excited to do. Maybe crafting for you is gardening, cooking, building or puzzling. In a sense these are all creative endeavors and end with a similar result, you created something. A garden, a meal, a picture ect... There’s something to be said for making shit with your hands.

Add to a simple bun for some extra flair. 32 is the minimum ;)

So get out there and craft your fucking hearts out!! Show me what you make!

The Toasted Ginger


I missed one fucking night and hated it the next morning. Like really was not a fan. Funny how a repeated change for a few days can make such a difference.

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