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FUCK! I forgot to wash my face...

How many times do you say that to yourself right before you fall asleep at night. Almost every night for me, like literally how do I not fucking remember?!? I’m always preaching about good skin care and the benefits and I’m trying harder to live better by my own sermons. Isn’t that most of us though? Do as I say not as I do. How many of you have said that multiple times today?!

Anyways, back to taking off that damn makeup before bed. Now as you know I procrastinate, real well, so taking my my makeup off before bed happens like 50% of the time. And I know I should be better at it. Washing your face/makeup off before bed will help with breakouts, clogged pores, those mites that apparently live on your lashes eating your old mascara, AHHHH! Fucking gross! Well I have found a few things that have helped along the way and made it easier to get that up to at least 75%.

One of my favorite things to use is a Norwex makeup cloth. It’s easy and reusable which is great. I get it a little wet, wipe my face and crash into bed. Now this works great alone, but if its been a heavy make up day or you’re wearing waterproof mascara using a makeup remover as well will help it all come off.

If you aren’t into having a ton of shit in your bathroom or like a multi-use product, baby oil is great. Takes off makeup, moisturizes and if you’re at the beach in Santa Barbara will take the tar off your feet. I like a good baby oil but right now my go to is Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” Cleansing Balm. It gets rid of everything and as a bonus you can run around the house looking like the Winter Soldier. Follow with the Norwex Makeup Cloth and you’re good to go.

But if you happen to be in an energetic mood by all means go full force and do the whole shebang! Wash, tone and moisturize. You won’t regret it! Seriously the next morning your skin will feel amazing. AND if you do it every night, shit, your skin will really change! Might even make you look younger...

Fuck...I need to take my own advice. And to make sure I hold to it, I will say this, "I AM GOING TO WASH MY FACE BEFORE BED EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT MONTH!"

I will report back with before and after photos. Until then wash your face and enjoy your beautiful skin and unstained pillow cases!

Have a fucking fantabulous day,

The Toasted Ginger

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