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It's A Go For ALT!

So you ever have that moment in your life where you’re like “What the fuck am I doing” “ I like where I am but should/could I be doing more?” “Where does my career go from here?”Insert mild panic attack, slash mid 30’s crisis, which I guess is thing now, and here’s where you find me not too long ago. Don't get me wrong, I love my fucking job. I get to play with hair all day, talk a lot and make people feel great. What's not to like? Well, standing all day takes its toll and the somewhat difficult clients I work with, and oh yeah, I'm using my whole fucking body that is slowly dying and will eventually give up on me if I don't take care of it well. So yeh, there's that.

So without any “formal” college degree and knowing how much I hated school, not learning mind you, school. I started to think of ways I could do something else creative to make a living and have fun while doing it. Now by no means do I think this blog will do that, well maybe it will but that's not quite the plan. I started this just to write and to share a little about me and things I like doing. Down the road I'd like to have a my own boutique salon, possibly an online store as well. Pair my passion for hair and fashion together. Styling all in one place. Ok getting off track.

And we’re back on. So the first step in this journey was blogging. Cool, cccool, cool. I have no idea where to start. But I did start telling people I was going to do it, lol! Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and I finally published the first post. And let me tell you, I had a lot of handholding to get me there. The training wheels needed to come off and I need to learn to do this on my own!

That brings us to Alt this March. What is Alt, Alt Summit or Altitude Summit?

“ THE premiere conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers. At our conferences, you’ll find classes and information for a broad range of skill levels. If you’ve already designed a successful line of products, if you opened your first Instagram account last month, if you’re a social media pro, or if you’re just thinking about starting a future website, then Alt Summit is for you.”

Sounds cool right? It is! There's so much to learn there and so many inspiring people to meet. I spent this week going over the schedule, combing through ALL the classes and picking out which ones would be most beneficial for me.Thankful I had a wonderful guide to the process of figuring out Alt, an Alt Angel if you will, that helped me focus and get it together! Now I've been in the salon world for 13 years and haven't had much to do with tech for a long time. I just started my website and online booking this past year, and that was a hard change for me, giving up control of my schedule. BUT I'm getting used to it and it's been a wonderful tool. I know I could do so much more with it and see the potential that it brings.

And I’m not completely inept in the tech world, but having to keep up a website and maintain a blog with no prior knowledge has been a bit of a challenge. Also I think my tech savvy friends are probably sick of all my text, phone calls and questions at this point. Sorry guys. So I decided to go for it and attend Alt and learn as much as I possibly can from experts in the field. Plus I get to go to Palm Springs, meet a ton of amazing and inspirational women, and major bonus, I’m attending with two of my fave peeps!

Not sure who to give photo credit to, if you know tell me!

I'm excited to learn some web design, what SEOs are, and how to use them, take a photo class or two and to just be in a place that is inundated with creativity. I can't wait to meet all the other attendees and make connections with other entrepreneurs. I also don't mind that my down time may be spent by the pool or checking out the amazing architecture in Palm Springs or if the stars align, helping others with hairstyling for their photoshoots!

Anyways that's what happening in my neck of the woods. I can't wait to share with you all the things I learn and the fun I'll have! And see how this experience will help my business grow. Follow along with my Insta-Stories in March, and keep up with all the amazing Alt happenings and for a few Alt giveaways!

Ditto on this one, if you know who's pic it is LMK

And if you’re a fellow Alt Attendee reading this, can't wait to see you there!

Have A Fucking Fantabulous Week Peeps

The Toasted Ginger

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